The Abundance Project

A Virtual Service Project
Welcome to the Abundance Project!
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We all have abundance in our lives. Some have an abundance of creativity; others have an abundance of love. Still others are blessed with wealth or health or the ability to perceive the needs of others. Whatever your personal abundance, the Abundance Project will help you experience the joy of sharing it with others. 


Over the course of 15 days, participants will receive prompts to help them think about how they can use their abundance to bless and lift others. They will also have the opportunity to share their experiences during the Conference. The Abundance Project begins on July 15.


We hope you will be part of it.

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The MR. thank You project Devotional


Save the date for a bonus devotional on Sun, Aug 1st @ 7pm. What started as one man's desire to bring purpose to his work has morphed into a global movement that is inspiring millions around the world. John Israel spent a year writing five thank you cards every day for 365 consecutive days. His story made it onto National News outlets and even landed him on stage at TEDx. We are fortunate to have John share his experiences with us. Mark your calendars for this unique opportunity.