Connect YSA Workshops

In support of the North America West Single Adult Conference, and its efforts to encourage “The Joy of Learning,” the Institute programs of North America West are piloting some innovative offerings in 2021 in the form of “Connect YSA Workshops.” These Workshops, open to all singles, ages 18-30, begin the week of the Opening Devotional (Jan. 24th) and will continue through the month of July.

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Each “round” of workshops will meet once a week at a variety of weeknights/times for 3-5 weeks on a broad variety of topics, that are relevant, engaging, and gospel-centered.

They will be taught/facilitated by our wonderful Institute teachers, but also by other great gospel teachers/presenters and guest speakers who are specialists, PLUS . . . expert and peer panel discussions, media content, and hopefully some really rich discussions.


Between each round of workshops, the Institute programs will partner with Stake and Multistake YSA Committees to sponsor “Extended Gatherings” that will be activity/social/service oriented (when we can meet in person).


YOU and your friends are encouraged to help choose the topics (just contact your local Institute Coordinator).

Some topics are deep, and some practical, and some are both – but all are meant to lead to and enrich the Abundant Life! Examples of topics that are already being requested across the Area:

  • Stress and Anxiety and the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Understanding and Practical Applications 

  • Racial issues and the Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Historical and Current Events Discussion  

  • Finding Joy in Repentance and Forgiveness  

  • Understanding Your Church: Conversations for those who are new or looking into the Church   

  • The Gifts of the Atonement of Jesus Christ: What they really look like in our lives and how we access them

  •  Balancing Life’s Demands (in ways that lead to Social, Emotional, Financial, Physical AND Spiritual health)

  • The Teachings of Russell M. Nelson

  • Talking to others about religion: Developing peaceful and meaningful interfaith dialogues

  •  Patterns of Understanding and Cultivating the Spirit in My Life

  • Gender and the Church of Jesus Christ (LGBTQ issues, Women and the Priesthood, Plural Marriage, etc.)

  • Mentoring Seminary Students (in the workshop we collaborate to prepare and then spend one day a week at a seminary class)

  •  “I Believe, Help Thou Mine Unbelief”: Finding ways to navigate challenges to our faith

 Initially these workshops will be mostly be online, but an increasing number of them will be offered in-person as public health and Church guidelines allow.Meanwhile, the online format provides the opportunity – in additional to local options – to hold “borderless” workshops each round (meaning that they will be made available to young adults from the frontier of Alaska to the warmth of SoCal, to the shores of Hawaii to the rolling hills of the Palouse country of Eastern WA and Northern ID, and any and all in between.) You may want to not only try something new and/or interesting, but also make friends from a new area code while you are at it!

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