The Gathering Place

A Virtual Conference Hall where you can meet others with similar interests to you from all over the North America West Area (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska and Hawaii).

The Gathering Place is a virtual "conference hall" where single adults can create their own interest groups (e.g. backpacking the Sierras, playing the tuba, cooking Italian meatballs, tutoring inner city kids, etc.) and anyone else that attends the Conference can see the available groups and join one or more of them to connect directly with other group members in chat rooms, Zoom conferences and (if interested) one-on-one interactions.


The concept is to allow you and others who have things in common that would otherwise likely never find each other (because of geography) to have a platform to connect and then continue to interact as groups after the Conference is over by seamlessly offloading the interactions to another platform (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, other social media sites).  It is going to be one of the coolest, longest-lasting outcomes of the Conference.  Anyone attending the Conference can form their own interest group and invite others to join